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For those who have been following me for months you know I love to sketchright? If you dont follow me yet, what are you waiting for? Come on! Anyway, I took sketching clothes to the next level from paper to shirt! See how I did it.

The T-shirt I used in this video is an old shirt of my sister. I’m glad the shirt is larger than my size so I thought I could make a crop top out of it and I did! I only have four colors of fabric paints (Blue which is pretty obvious, white, black and red which is I think is not useful anymore) I have them for more than a year I believe. Did I tell you I also use them for paper sketch? (whenever I’m too lazy to use colorpencil or watercolor and for brighter result)  Okay the point is I need to update my fabric paints! If you want to know what App I used to edit the video comment below.

Thank you for watching my first ever video! I dont know how to call it does it fall under tutorial videos? I dont know.  I just want to share you guys how I did it. So its up to you. Please please please subscribe on my youtube channel and instagram account! @apleofyoureye

Diy: Hand painted Tee

“Refashioning is not a new concept. It’s just a forgotten one.” -Elizabeth L. Cline

Hi guys, I’d love to share this very very simple DIY that you’ll surely love. I know this is not new to everyone, there are so many blogs and Vlogs about it but I’d like to share my favorite subject. Are you guys excited? Let’s start! Below are the materials needed, paint colors depends on your preference.

  • T-Shirt
  • Fabric Paints
  • Fabric Pentel Pen 
  • Paint brushes


1. Think of a subject you are very much fond of (Unicorns, shapes, flowers, animals anything under the sun.

2. Draw your pattern on the shirt directly using a pencil as lighter as possible so you can still erase it if you need to. If you can start drawing without using a pencil then thats great!

3. Outline your drawing using a Fabric Pentel Pen and decide what color you want to use.  Use your imagination to make a creative refashioned shirt. You can also use beads, sequence or a piece of cloth to add statement.

Here’s my finished product

I’d love to see your finished product, please post it or tag me if you written a post about it. I’ll choose my Top 10 Glam Refashioned Shirts and will write about it in my next post! Yay excited!! And dont forget to follow me on instagram @apleofyoureye

Bohemian Cardigan Pattern

Bohemian Cardigan using Full Circle Skirt pattern

Hi guys, remember I promise to share you the pattern for Bohemian Cardigan I posted the other day? As promise I made a simple illustration of how I came up with this pattern I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 yard fabric of your choice
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Scissors
  • Threads (whatever color you prefer)
  • Corchet pattern (optional)

And then follow the easy 4 steps picture illustrated below:

DIY Mermaid Skirt

​Hello guys, who loves ruffles? I’m obsess with them!! And because of that I made one skirt or mermaid skirt should I say for myself oh you know what not just one but two!! and still planning to make another one or two or more? Can you believe how I’m into it? Lol So here it is take a look!

This is one of those fabrics I bought a year ago which I kept for a long time because of oh I already mention that on my previous post didnt I? Why am I keep on explaining? What is wrong with me? Lol Well, I just want to give you a bit of a background or story behind every DIY’s because for me it matters. A lot. There are some times when I chose fabrics without a design in mind which leads me to take a long break to decide or you know get an inspiration for the design. Yes I’m always undecided. I’m over-thinking more often than not and it’s killing me but I’m glad I did this skirt which means I have decided at last! Yey!
I’ll make a separate post on How to make a pencil skirt or mermaid skirt rather. I’ll share my pattern with you guys. 

Ps. I’m laughing out loud on the third picture! 😂 

DIY Bohemian Cardigan

Hello guys, I know I havent posted in a while, I miss posting and doing DIY’s. I have been out of town for five days for summer vacation which I will be posting really soon. Promise!
Anyway, I’d like to share this Cardigan pattern I accidentally learned (I will make a separate post on how to do it). This fabric has been on my cabinet for a very long time really, for a year and a half I guess. It took me so long because of work and you know some lazy uncreative days and  haven’t decided yet If I’ll make a circle skirt or whatever. So, finally I decided to make a circle skirt pattern and then kept it for how may months God knows and then when I decided to finish it I’m not sure if I’ll use a garter or zipper. Fine I want to use a zipper so I cut the pattern and that’s where it all started.

When I tried it on as cardigan it looks great so in the end I decided to make a cardigan for good. I thought of putting crochet pattern at the bottom to add a bohemian style and tadahhhh!

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How to avoid Birthday blues? 

Do you feel that sudden sadness whenever your birthday is coming? You know the feeling of getting old and still not ready to face bigger responsibilities or the ‘stupid questions’ you hate to ask yourself, what happened over the last years? Are you still the same person who hates to take risks? So you’re stuck doing the same things you dont like because you’re too afraid to lose? That’s why you end up locked up in your comfort zone. Well if yes, then I’m glad I’m not alone. But you know, you have to get up, you only have one life to live and there will be times when you only have an instant chance, you don’t want to miss that do you? Tell you what, my birthday blues have lessen and Im going to share to you how or you know just the basic ways for sure you already know.

First, you have to be RESPONSIBLE for your own HAPPINESS. Choose happiness, everyday.

Second, FOCUS on the POSITIVE side. Remember worst case scenarios are inevitable so why waste too much energy on the things we don’t have a control in the first place. Right?

Third, DO what you LOVE. When you love what you do everything seems easier and every good things will follow. I love designing and sewing clothes I make sure I find time for it as much as possible sometimes in the middle of the night during weekends when I can’t sleep, Imagine I’m sewing at 2 or 3AM. Funny is it? I know. Haha

Lastly, make a TO DO LIST of the things you want to complete in a span of a year or months depends on you, say for example a New Year’s Resolution or a bucket list. By doing so you’ll know what you want to do and you’ll be forced to complete the tasks as it has a tentative date you should complete it. So you’ll never ask yourself those ‘stupid quesions’ again because you know have done something.

Ps. Late birthday post! 

​DIY Travel: Layag Layag Island

Hi guys, remember my post #sketchesofaple? The three paper dolls wearing bikini? If yes great! So this three paper dolls went to Layag Layag Island in Nasugbu, Batangas. Look how excited they were!

Finally, we had a chance to go to the beach, get tanned and watched the sun set. Oh! how I love the sun set. Probably one of the perfect sunset my eyes have laid on to. 

And the rock formation here is amazing! Credits to my friend @Jecellex for the rock formation photos. 

Although this picture is great the story behind it is painful. We’ve walked on to stones and sea grass (oh sorry I don’t know how it’s called) they are slimy and there’s a lot of sea urchins mind you! Guess that picture is definitely worth it! 

That’s my on-the-way-home-outfit, nope just kidding on-the-way-to-the-water-to-shower. There’s no fresh water in the island so before going home we need to stop by at manong’s (bankero) house to shower. 

It was my first summer get away for this year with my 2 girlfriends and I should say it was unforgettable knowing one of my friend will be out of the country in a week or two (we’ll be missing her for sure). Moreover, we stayed there for a night, we rented a tent, sat at beach with bonfires, holding marshmallows and hotdogs on a stick, stargazing and talking about our goals.

I had no idea how to set up a tent omg, well apparently it was my first time to you know.. Camp. I have a hate-love relationship with travelling. I’m so lazy to plan and to do travel research now you know it wasn’t me who planned the travel. 😂 I hope I could really take a picture of the moon and the sky full of stars. I only have my phone with me OppoF1s the one I used in taking all this pictures. 

Here’s some of the selfies. 

We’ve known each other for more than a year and yet it feels like we’ve known each other forever. I love this girls and will definitely miss them!! This is probably the greatest girls night out ever! Let me give a simple how to get there instruction.

How to Get There

Take a bus bound to Nasugbu, Batangas. If you’re coming from Manila,  you’ll reach Nasugbu Town Proper in two hours. From there, you need to ride a tricycle to reach Barangay Papaya. The tricycle ride will take around 45 minutes. Then, you’ll need to take a 20 minute boat (bangka) ride to the island.

Check out some of the pictures taken on my instagram account @apleofyoureye ♥ 

Tell me something about your most unforgettable summer adventure. 

Aple of your eye