DIY: Polo Shirt to Mini Skirt

Hi guys, I’ve been dying to share all the DIY ideas I know and I really don’t know where to start or what to post first or when to take the finished product pictures and who is going to take a picture of me. Enough of the excuses, I can start it whenever I want to, I can decide whichever I want to post first, whenever I want to and I can take a picture me. What’s the use of timer after all?

Step 1

Cut the Polo Shirt!

Step 2
Rip the pockets carefully, we’ll be using it later on.

Step 3

Sew the waistband. Add buttons in betweeen, the pockets of course  and tadaahhhh!!!

Art Fair Ph 2017

I know it’s a bit late but according to an old adage “better later than never!”. Did I tell you how much I love museums? Didn’t I? 

February 19 when I had a chance to visit artfairphilippines, it was my first time and I want to see the next fair and the next and every year’s fair! I guess I’m an old soul frustrated artist. I want to share every artwork in that fair as much as I could but these are the only great pictures taken. 

Forced Farts, Cartoon Pain and Daddy Issues or Accident by Vodoo while I masturbate Underwater with My adult Baby Diaper Rash until He Freezes Over is a Freak Show by #mariagJeonaZoleta for ARTFAIRPH/PROJECTS. Woah! What a title. I love the pink light though. 

Feeling Snow white in this glam mirror. And everybody’s eye on me! Haha

Frustrated to get a candid shot and I know how my friend tried his best to take this. Haha 

So this was the candid shot believe me!! Look how terrible my hair is. 

One day I’ll fill my house with my own paintings! I wonder what’s your one day stories!! Hmm. I’d love to hear them. 

For more pictures check out their instagram account @artfairph and if you have a spare time check out mine @apleofyoureye! ♥

Slow fashion

“Buy clothes you truly love. Don’t buy too much. And get the most out of what you wear.”

November 2016 when I visited the Fast Fashion: The dark side of fashion exhibit, I didn’t know what it is or unaware of its impact, all I know is that it’s  about fashion so I want to go. As I read articles, I found out it is about “a term used to describe cheap and affordable clothes which are the result of catwalk designs moving into stores in the fastest possible way in order to respond to the latest trends (Macmillandictionary)”. 

I went there so excited and as we go in I felt my heart sank. I never expected to see the negative impact of fashion to people, community or even to environment or ever have imagined of worst scenarios relating to fashion. I don’t know how to describe how I felt. I know I was sad, sad because people treat clothing as a “disposable good” that they can replace over and over. I’m not a fashion designer (yet, hopefully tommorow) but I know how much one dress means to a designer or to someone who creates it so what more the people who wear it? Clothes never deserves to be treated as a “disposable good”. Never.

“A debate has been going on for several years among the public and the fashion community about exploitation and environmental damage in the production of cheap clothes. Fast fashion in this context means a corporate strategy based on the ever fast design,  manufacture and marketing of new fashion as a mass-produced item.  A particularly important role is played here by copies of the major luxury brands: while classical Haute Couture or Prêt-a Porter fashion brings out two collections a year,  the cheap labels meanwhile flood the market with up to twelve fashion cycles. Fast fashiin has not only changed the parameters of production,  however, but also created the fast fashion consumer of fashion,  who follows every trend and buys more and more garments for less and less money.”

What makes me happy at the end of the day is that there is a small room for Slow Fashion where there were collections made from organic materials and those that were refashioned and they were stunning. Wonder how it looked? Check my instagram account for more. @apleofyoureye

What is Slow Fashion by the way? “Slow fashion is about being purposeful and realizing that fewer is better.” Read digiday. com for additional information. 

I want to share this to everybody who loves fashion. Don’t just love the idea of fashion but the clothes. 

Hugs and kisses,


Weekend Maxidress #OOTD idea

Hi guys, been a while since my last post. Glad I’m back to share My Weekend Maxidress #OOTD.

I have been eyeing maxidresses for the longest time. It was 3 years ago or more than that I guess when the last time I got a chance to wear one. Funny isn’t it? Why? Because it felt like it doesn’t suit me (coz of my height) so I prefer wearing short dresses instead. However, when we went to Tagatay at Peoples Park I found this Pink Maxidress with aztec prints on, it was love at first sight (believe me!). So I hadn’t let myself think twice I grabbed the dress.I have a denim jacket with me and a white sneakers to complete my weekend maxidress #OOTD. 

So guys don’t worry too much of your height, body figure or how you look what’s important is how you carry yourself in that dress! Tell me, do you have your maxidress or weekend #ootd story? I’d love to hear them. 😃

Hiking: To start the year right

I have always been a homebody since then and physical activities really are something I’m not interested in but I guess people change. My first hiking experience was last year 2016 (First time hike:Mt.Batulao), tell you what it was life changing haha but seriously it was. I have somehow over come my fear of heights and was able to walk for several hours without complaining, so congratulate me.  😃 

Anyhow, these are some pictures i took at the peak of Taal. 

I love this scene so much! Very calming. 

And look how amazing this flowers. If only I could bring them home. 

This hat I’m wearing is included in the boat package. You have a chance to choose what hat you want to wear, exciting isn’t it? I chose this pink stripe hat which I guess compliments my rubber shoes. Yehey! 

I even took a #shoefie, I can’t resist this purple little flowers. Nature is amazing! 

More over, I am looking forward to have atleast once every month or every two months hiking experience to atleast have some time for myself, soul searching as they call it. So where was I? Yeah the first hike for 2017, we went to Taal, Tagaytay for a day hike. Below is a sample of our iterinary of the day. 

So when was your last hiking adventure? I’d love to hear them! ♥ 


I did this sketch last Monday (Feb 6) to prevent Monday sickness and to stay productive as I could. You know when you don’t do anything on a monday morning (my shift sched is graveyard by the way so im free mornings) it feels sleepy all day? I have been so excited to go to beach this summer and I don’t have a swimsuit yet so I thought I’d like to make some designs. Also, my 2 girlfriends and I have been planning to go out of town soon and we havent have any particular place or day to go to. How frustrating isn’t it? We have a different schedule though so Im teasing them I could just draw our beach travel and the swimsuits we could wear (they just laugh).

What do you think of my first #sketchofaple post? I’d live to hear them. ♥ 

You can like the sketch on my instagram. @apleofyoureye