Refashioned: Polo Shirt to Bow top/Button down Skirt

Hi guys, how’s everyone? Fab as ever? I have been lately hooked to ruffles and bow thought I could make something like this (Picture below) out  of a thrifted Polo shirt.

Glad I find and bought this for less than a dollar at Paradise Thrift Store. 

This refashioned Polo shirt is one of my fave, perfectly fit for summer (getting ready for summer looks huh). So this is how it looks like (my version).

Did you like it? Cos I like it super! 


Refashioned: Denim Shorts to Mini Skirt

​Hello guys, how’s everybody? I went thrift shopping last month bought several pieces for my projects (will be posting them one by one) and I got my eye on this denim shorts, I love it’s fringes though it’s twice my size I thought I could make a cutie mini skirt out of it.

 I tried not to cut the fringes on my first trial, looks good but kinda long. Here’s how it looks like.

And finally this (see picture below) when I decided to cut the fringes to make it a mini skirt worth called.

Sometimes you really have to cut the things that makes no sense no matter how you love it. Result is, I love it more!

What’s your denim story? 

My Slowfashion story!Β 

​Hello, I miss everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while not that I have nothing to say or nothing to share God knows I have a lot and no matter how I want to update this page it never turned out the way I wanted. Maybe there is really something wrong with how I manage my time. Please advise! Anyway this post isn’t about time management it’s something I’ve been thinking these days.

I haven’t bought new clothes for months now (only thrifted) and I’ve been thinking of buying “some” ofcourse those that I just really need like office attires. I don’t know why I feel guilty, I mean slowfashion does not really mean you stop buying clothes there are a lot of eco-friendly fashion brands out there to choose from. My worry is we have things to consider in buying clothes like the price, style, fabric etc., store location, convenience for online shops and the list goes on. Do we really support slowfashion if we buy clothes from flea markets (tiange)? Ofcourse not, but we can’t stop people. And to be honest I also can’t help myself, it feels like I cheat everytime I check online clothing shops or whenever I go to mall and I want to buy. I mean come on what about those people who can’t afford sustainable brands? Like me for example. I love slowfashion and no matter what they say I will support it in my own little ways like repairing, refashioning, rewearing.

What’s your slowfashion story? I’d love to hear them. β™₯ 


DIY Bridal Shower

Hello guys, I haven’t posted in a while and I missed it. Been busy these past few days, we’ve been planning a simple DIY bridal shower for a sister from another mother. The pressure is real! We, my friends and I (we’re only four btw: Jelly-bride’s sister, Army-maid of honor Feb and I-bride’s maids) , didn’t have enought time to personally meet and do the planning. Well, what’s the use of messenger? Somehow it feels like a group project my role as a leader is to assign tasks, that’s what I’m good at I guess. I told them what we need to prepare, the things we should bring and all. If you’re also planning a surprise DIY bridal shower I’ll share you what we did as first timers. Note that I’m not giving advises or things to do, just ideas of the things we need to prepare.

Let’s start with Jelly the bride’s sister, she prepared almost everything from the drinks to confetti to finger foods. 

Next is Army the Maid of honor, glittery sash expertise. Although there was some unfortunate thing happened to the sash, she was able to alter it. Yey

Then Feb one of the bride’s maids prepared the Miss to Mrs and She letter ballons.

Finally me, I volunteered to prepare the backdrop, veil and cake. First time to organize a surprise and I could say it’s a job well done! Team work is the key. Here’s some pictures of the surprise bridal shower. 

Have you tried to organize a bridal shower or a surprise? Share your experience in the comment box, would love to read it! ❀

DIY Tulle Sandals

Hello there, I was struggling to finish my ongoing projects and I’m totally happy I was able to complete this DIY tulle sandals in between! This was from excess tulle fabrics from tulle skirt project I’m working on, I can’t afford to just throw them so I thought of doing something and so I did this!! How do you like it? 

I had a very productive weekend indeed. This was hand-sewn by yours truly by the way. If you have some excess fabrics please please don’t throw them away think outside the box and make use of it! #slowfashion

Upcycle Jeans

Hello everyone, I have been feeling lazy these past weeks, I have started doing several projects and then started another one so I end up starting projects completing none. Hay do you have days like that? Luckily those days are over! I have completed 3 projects in a row!!! See, that’s how I work. If you’re an employer would you hire me? Yes please!! 

Anyhow, I’d like to share this upcycle jeans I did. From old jeans to a rock on skirt. 

Hope to make a tutorial video next time if there’s a chance. There’s a lot of ways to keep our clothes alive we just need to know how. How do you like it? 

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