DIY Satin Sleeveless with details from curtain

Hello sewinistas! Since I have all the time in the world because I’m on maternity leave then might as well grab the opportunity to sew my fabric stash before my delivery date, right? Have you been sewing lately? Tell me about the project/s you’ve been working on. I would love to hear them. ♥ 

I’d like to share my recent DIY satin sleeveless with details from a curtain. Yes, would you believe those golden details are from curtains? I know!! Couldn’t believe it myself. 

Satin is a bit challenging specially for beginners like me, I cried everytime it runs and creases. Funny right? So, you have to be patient when sewing it. 

Tip: Iron it before you sew it! I’m glad I’m getting along with it! Yay. 


Any Project suggestions? 

Hi guys! Happy sewing! I have so many fabric stash and honestly I don’t know what to do with all of them. I mean I’m trying to somehow use them and make the most out of it but I need your help. Do you have any project suggestions in mind? I’d be so happy if you comment below and let me work on it.

I still have a sack of fabrics stash mind you and here are ‘some’. You know the feeling whenever you go to a fabric store you would want to bring them all at home. That happened everytime so I end up having so many fabrics and because of work I don’t have much time to sew them. Do you have the same sentiments? 

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Diy: Tie Front Crop Top

Hi guys!! Happy sewing everyone! 

How’s everyone? What sewing projects you’ve been doing lately? 

I’m into ribbon thingy lately. The fact that the pattern is so easy makes me want to sew this tie front crop top for everyone. If I could. 

So yes, I want to share my latest diy pattern. The fabric is from my old project the rectangle skirt remember? It was one of oldest projects I made and I only wore it once or twice so I refashioned it and turned into something I would wear more than twice. 

What do you think guys? 

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Refashioned: Longsleeves to Blazers

Hello guys! I miss going to thrift stores to buy large size polo shirts. Have you been to thrift stores lately? What did you buy? 

I didn’t buy this longsleeves. I refashioned it for Ate K (my boyfriend’s sister). Ofcourse, this made me happy because I didn’t had a chance or should I say time to refashion. This one is very easy I just cut the center part then sewn it. 

And the finished product. Tadaaahh

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Refashioned Summer Slip Sress

Hi guys, I miss to do refashion projects. Could blame my pregnancy for being lazy it must have been the hormones (the best pregnancy excuse! Swear). So when I had the chance I grabbed it right away! 

Anyhow, I’d love to share this refashioned Summer Slip dress I made.  The before.. 

And after.. 

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I’m having a baby! 

Hello everyone, I know it took me what 9 months to share this wonderful news to you guys. It took a while because I wanted to keep it to myself, my partner and those people closest to our hearts. I wanted to enjoy every moment with her (yes she’s a girl!) without anyone asking my plans or telling me what to do and don’t. 

IHonestly, I couldn’t imagine myself getting pregnant, I mean everbody wants to become a mother one day, but not too soon for me. But when I had an ultrasound last month I couldn’t find the word to describe how I felt. It felt .. right. It was the best feeling. I don’t know,I couldn’t explain it. 

My baby is the nicest baby ever because I had no morning sickness and no mood swings (just a bit and very manageable). Sometimes, I forgot I’m pregnant I still walk fast faster than my colleagues who are not pregnant. I’m also sewing and doing some sketch. Well, my maternity leave started last week so I have all the time in the world!! Although sometimes laziness wins I have finished 3 projects in a week! Yes, you heard it I mean you read it right. Sorry I’m just so proud of myself. Haha Can’t help it. 

I also want to share some of the diy maternity photos I took myself. Did I tell you I’m a DIY queen candidate? Kidding. I used snapseed to edit the photos and tadahh. What do you think? 

So yes I’m gonna be a mom in less than 3 weeks! I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. I know it’s gonna be a real challenge for me because I’m a brat (just a bit) but hey anybody can change for good right? I can’t promise to be a perfect mom but the coolest. 
What’s your ‘having a baby’story? I’d love to hear them. ❤

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Anniversary thoughts! 

I am so thrilled when I saw this on my notification.

I can’t believe it has been a year. I remember when I created slices of aple, its goal is to plainly share thoughts and experiences. I thought, how can I be a fashion blogger when first,  I don’t even have expensive clothes and a high resolution camera! Secondly, I’m not a professional writer there were days when I can’t even explain or tell other people how I feel or maybe I choose not to. Lastly, what do I know about fashion? Just clothes! Superficial! 

 So I started this blog with “a gallimaufry of Museum adventures”, I’m into museums/art galleries back then, well until now there’s just no time to visit. I thought I can connect fashion to art which is somehow connected. The idea is to take my #ootds in museums. However, the main problem is I need to have atleast a companion whenever I want to go to the museums and I don’t have this so called ‘always-available-friend’. There’s just so many excuses! 

Anyway, who would have thought visiting an exhibit (Fast fashion:The dark side of fashion) will change my fashion principle for good. I mean I didn’t know that there is exploitation in fashion. I didn’t even know what fast fashion is and I think most of my friends are not familiar with this term. That is when I started to get interest to search the google and know more about it. From there, I started to refashion my plain white shirts by painting fashion illustrations on it. And then I studied how to sew!! Which is for me the best part of the journey. It was not easy but girl I push myself to the limit even though the first sewn clothes looks like I don’t know I can’t describe them thats how awful it is.

I just want to thank my 90+ followers and all the people who take time to read whatever is in this page. ❤

Ps. This is a late post btw. I haven’t had a time to finish my speech. Lol

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